Corona is not our enemy

Corona is not our enemy
Corona is not our enemy

The Coronavirus epidemic is getting bad news in the morning and evening. Millions of people have fallen victim to this epidemic, but there is no shortage of wise people around us who still consider this epidemic a fraud and deception. Coronavirus can only be treated with caution, but in this epidemic, there is so much carelessness that the same word is repeated over and over again. Heaven forbid. May Allah guide us.

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Most of the nations of the world are slowly controlling the corona virus, but due to our carelessness, the situation is getting worse day by day. When the world was fighting this epidemic with Lockdown, we were arguing among ourselves that if Corona was fighting Lockdown, where would the day laborers go? Where will the poor eat?

In the last two or three months, I have not seen a single poor person around me starving to death, but many rich people have contracted the coronavirus due to their carelessness. Corona’s epidemic has seen not only social and political negligence but also literary negligence. On June 6, our Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted a poem by Asad Maroof and claimed that it was a poem by the poet Allama Iqbal.

When the mistake was pointed out, the Prime Minister admitted that it was not a poem by Allama Iqbal but did not give credit to Asad Maroof even though he had no connection with the PML-N. Now close your eyes for a few moments and think what would have happened to Mr. Iqbal if Allama Iqbal were alive today and Imran Khan had become the Prime Minister of the land of his dreams and tweeted someone else’s poem with a picture of the poet of the East. Passing?

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When plagues and calamities come, the test of nations begins. Today, Pakistan and India are facing not only the coronavirus but also the locust heart. The locust is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, the Bible, and the Mahabharata and is also considered a torment.

In other words, we are facing not just one but two calamities, but take a look at our actions and think, have we reduced fighting and quarreling among ourselves? Are we ready to face these disasters together? Did we break the idols of our mothers or not?

We were discussing the flour and sugar scandal in February and March 2020, when the coronavirus began to invade the world. Then a commission of inquiry was formed. The Prime Minister promised the nation that he would not spare anyone involved in this scandal. Then came the report of the Commission of Inquiry.

The commission set up by the Prime Minister himself exposed the corruption of his close associate Jahangir Tareen. For several days, the corruption of Jahangir Tareen and the incompetence of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar were discussed in the media and what happened in the end? In the end, it happened that Jahangir Tareen boarded a plane without any interruption and left for Britain.

Now you play whatever drums but you have chased away the main character of the sugar scandal. Now you have arrested Shahbaz Sharif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and told us that PTI is waging jihad against corruption and if we ask you this You will try to silence us by declaring us traitors and enemies of the country. It is true that three months ago, the opposition offered its support to the government in the fight against the corona virus, but the government showed mystical ignorance.

During the Coronavirus epidemic, we fought each other, not Corona. The federal government called the Sindh government bad, the Sindh government cursed the federation. Political strategy is nowhere to be seen. An attempt was made to formulate a national policy against the coronavirus by setting up an institution called the National Command and Operations Center. Initially, the agency did a good job, but the prime minister and his team failed to build national unity through the agency, and the press conference of its head, Asad Omar, on Saturday afternoon was a spectacle of their differences.

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These insults of my pen may be very offensive to some authorities but the request is that you have power and authority today but after a few years you will become a thing of the past and the history that will be written about you will be yours. Will make you a role model. It will be written in history that when India abolished 370 and 35A for the aggressive occupation of occupied Jammu and Kashmir and imposed the worst curfew in history there, the government of Pakistan and the opposition instead of uniting and supporting the Kashmiris imprisoned each other. Maintained the tradition of casting and calling traitors, traitors.

It will be written in history that when all the institutions of Pakistan had to unite and come up with a joint strategy to counter foreign conspiracies, these institutions united and kept looking for evidence against a judge of the Supreme Court, Qazi Faiz Issa, in London. He continued to waste the time of the judges of the High Court through the reference of

History will write that when death was before the nation, the nation was more concerned about death than Cynthia de Richie, an American citizen who kept accusing various politicians of rape and could not say that when the rape took place, it was silent. Why did he stay but then after nine years he was accused of rape? It will be written in history that we used to chant slogans in favor of freedom of the press every day and also took dictation from the enemies of freedom of the press. History will write that we used to claim democracy but from within we were dictators.

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History will tell us that we were not infected by the coronavirus and the locust heart but by our ego

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