When the earth trembles under the feet of the oppressed

When the earth trembles under the feet of the oppressed
When the earth trembles under the feet of the oppressed

The question of this Pakistani friend of mine from the US was seemingly simple but there was a long history behind it which came to the summit in the words of the question, he said that protests against the brutal murder of a black American George Floyd were going on in the US these days. Is.

Person Protesting next to Cops

In fact, the protest has turned into a movement against police brutality and the killing of about three or four hundred civilians by the police every year. Protests began in the United States and spread from Britain, France, Germany, and even Europe.

An estimated 140 people have lost their lives so far in the protests. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Obviously, those who have no home sleep in the car. This friend’s question was that in the United States, there has been such a fierce protest against the police killings that on one occasion, in front of the White House, despite the Corona weather, seeing the flood of people, President Trump hid in the basement. Advised.

The basements are designed to shelter from nuclear wars, but the protest in front of the White House was nothing short of war. Is the Pakistani nation scared or cowardly or insensitive that the police in Pakistan do not protest against atrocities? Every year, hundreds of innocent people are killed in police custody or in fake police encounters. Sometimes a family arrives in front of the Governor’s House to protest with the corpse, but returns two or four hours later with “child consolation”, no one joins them, and no one is aware of these atrocities.

Woman Holding a Sign in Protest

Run a protest movement against a city, province, or country. Every ruling police station promises to change the culture and makes the situation worse and leaves. Then my friend’s question changed his mind and he said that the whole nation watched the massacre of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri’s supporters in Model Town on TV channels for many hours.

The bloodshed of the elders, the dusty beards, the rifles rising towards the honorable women and the scenes of the “conquests” of the glued butt were heartbreaking but could not melt the cold seal of our nation. A family traveling in a car from Sahiwal to attend a wedding was shot dead. The whole nation witnessed the massacre of the husband, wife, and daughter and the transfer of the surviving children to the police car, but the nation was not touched.

There were no effective protests and no movement against the police. One of the results of the movement in the United States is that the Senate is considering a number of bills to make laws and amend existing laws that will reduce police powers and “stop” the massacre. Efforts will be made to do so but nothing like that has happened in Pakistan

I also saw that video of George Floyd and this is the beauty of social media that in minutes the news spreads all over the world. The truth is that the scene of George’s brutal murder blew my night’s sleep. Allegedly, he bought cigarettes from a Palestinian shop with a counterfeit 20 20 note. The shopkeeper called the police.

Protesters Holding Signs

The police officer is knocking him to the ground and squeezing his neck with his knee, begging for life from below saying that I am suffocating. The smiling police officer is smiling, the whole incident revealed another universal human reality that tormented the souls of millions, ignited sympathy, and ignited hatred against the police.

This fact of the tragedy remained hidden from the eyes of Pakistani social media. When George Floyd became frustrated with life, he cried out to his mother twice before he died. His mother died two years ago. It is a universal truth that man misses his mother in horrible, pitiful, and depressing moments of life, calls her for help, and sometimes looks like her. His mother has come to pick him up or help him.

According to a report, George’s mother died on the same day two years ago. The most painful aspect of the tragedy was that the twenty-dollar bill turned out to be genuine, not counterfeit, so the protesters burned the shop. The sound of a mother’s cry in her last breath ignited a fire of hatred against oppression in the United States and European countries. Ten years ago in Tunisia, 26-year-old Mohamed Bo Azizi was selling fruit on a wheelbarrow to support his widowed mother and six children.

Police snatched the wheelbarrow because he did not have a license and slapped him. He set you on fire that this is the last resort of the weak. The incident sparked a protest movement in the Arab Spring that overthrew the governments of Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi and Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Crowd of Protesters Holding Signs and Kneeling

Apart from Syria, the kingdoms of many Arab countries began to shake, some controlled the people by using force and some by opening the mouths of the treasury, but why don’t the people of Pakistan organize protests against atrocities? The Awami Tehreek in Pakistan toppled a strong government like Bhutto but the daytime atrocities do not affect them, aren’t people scared? Are you discouraged? Are they suffering from poverty, or have they become depressed?

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