Who dies at the hands of death?

Who dies at the hands of death?
Who dies at the hands of death?

Of course, the greatest reality of life is death, but this reality is shrouded in mystery. However, if the city ever passes through silence and the residents have the opportunity to read the books, then the new aspects of the reality of death come to light. When it is realized that everything in the world, including life, is temporary, it makes many intoxicated deer, many dreams falter and the way of thinking begins to change.

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The Creator of the universe has created life in such a way that this feeling or perception is also momentary and then man, as usual, engages in worldly affairs as if he has to live till the Day of Resurrection as if death is for others. no. Therefore, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq used to say that do not ask for death but keep remembering death.

If a person remembers it, he may not be a victim of arrogance, pride, and lust, nor may he commit murder, nor may he injure others with the sword of his tongue, nor may he deprive anyone of his rights. Perhaps we are told to remember death because it makes us intoxicated, whether it is intoxicated with power, wealth or fame, youth, or beauty.

The book of life was open in front of me and I was lost in myself looking at the pictures in the album of memories. There was a strange state of affairs that I could not describe. There were many faces in these pictures because there was a deep friendship with someone, there was a “colleague” in the service, there was a good acquaintance with someone, there was a meeting with a leader or at a party, there was a lot of fame and popularity in life. Shining at the highest place, there were four hundred poems, some prose, some knowledge, some intellect, some sarcastic voice, some beauty, and some scholarly speeches and books.

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Some were great industrialists, some were great sportspersons, some were politicians and some were great speakers of their time, but today they are all sleeping under the dust. He was carried on the shoulders of his loved ones and relatives and brought down to the grave where wealth, fame, knowledge, power, authority, beauty, and even nothing is of any use except goodness. Their names are also familiar because they were our contemporaries.

After a while, time will also become unfamiliar with their names. Surprisingly, the news of the death of a few gentlemen who were senior to me in the service but were acquainted with them also came from this book. This is life … At one time we get together, we meet every day, but then life scatters in such a way that it is not known who patched the dust.

In the autumn, the green leaves turn yellow and dry and fall from the twigs and become part of the litter “Shura”. In the same way, the man also falls from the branches of life, withering away, and keeps on breaking the relationship with his breath, but the people who are greedy for life and in the race do not even know who fell where. When life is in turmoil, pity for the pharaohs who sit on the throne of power or decorate Qarun’s tomb in their bank accounts or trample or injure others on the strength of their fame and wisdom or They speak as if they are the last word and the wisdom of the world is due to them.

I even feel sorry for the poor people who sit on the evening TV and recite the poems of their masters and use their abilities to defend their wrongdoings. In return for this service, at most a political position, financial gain or applause will be given, but they do not realize the way the deed is blackened by this false statement.

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One of the great realities of life is love and true love is the love of God and the love of the Prophet which makes a man immortal in both life and death. When I found the Naat of a lover of the Holy Prophet Muhammad Saeed Badr in the form of “Arz Tamana”, I was overwhelmed in the foreword. Naat is love and I am not at all qualified to comment on it.

The truth is that this incident written in the foreword absorbed me and I could not move forward. Listen to the words of the author: “In Madinah Munawwara, when I reached the shrine of Puranwar for attendance, there was a huge rush. Raheem was sitting in a wheelchair due to his disability. When he came near the Holy Shrine, Raqeem was lost in the helpless world of imagination. Or the Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him. What should I do if I am forced and helpless? I cried a lot because of my helplessness. I was imagining that suddenly a rainy middle-aged man appeared and asked me to get out of the wheelchair.

He got down from the chair. He addressed me and said, “Please stand here. You need space.” Took Now stand up and do whatever you want, recite Durood Sharif or greet. It was as if the treasures of the world had been found. He stood by the wall for an hour reciting Durood Sharif. When he came out thanking Allah, the afflicted men ran to me and asked who the man was. I told him I didn’t know who he was. I searched for it later but couldn’t find it.

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Death is real and is the destiny of every living soul. No one can defeat it, except true love. Even if the true lover disappears from sight, he lives with the light of devotion in his heart and Taqiyyat will live. It is as if he accepts death and defeats it. This is the identity of true love. That is why the shrines of true lovers live day and night and constantly convey the message that love is the real eternal reality and death cannot kill it.

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