Your treatment is nothing but the sight

Your treatment is nothing but the sight
Your treatment is nothing but the sight

The outward is known and the inward is unknown, so man pays attention to the outward all his life and rejoices in the devotion to fix it. This world is the world of appearances, so the first impression is fundamental here. The world of impression is also very interesting. If you have a beard on your face, the first impression you get is that he is a good, religious, and devout person. I remember a lawyer from Lahore.

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They used to talk very fluently and practice was also going on. Thoughts were very modern, religion-averse, and progressive, sometimes touching the frontiers of atheism. I had a relationship with him for many years, it was his kindness. Once I went to see him after a gap of many years, I was surprised. She used to have a long beard on her face. The impression was that perhaps old age and the fear of the grave had revolutionized him, and that change was reflected in his beard.

As the conversation went on, he said as usual with a sarcastic smile, “Safdar Sahib, don’t be upset by my beard and don’t be a victim of misconceptions. There were small bumps on my cheeks which looked very bad.” According to the doctor’s advice, he has grown a beard to hide it. I smiled at them. In fact, we do everything we can to hide the facial wrinkles because we focus on outward appearance but do nothing to clear the inner glands because they are not visible to others.

We pay full attention to physical beauty, make-up, and facial beauty, but do not take the time to remove the inner darkness and cleanse. My observation is that most of the time a person’s inner self is reflected on his face. Sometimes Allah (SWT) shows the inner darkness and misfortune on the face in order to warn the man.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me. People consider us honorable, educated, prosperous, and respectable even though this impression and impression is also a deception.

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Not everything that shines is gold, nor is every ugly thing ugly in its essence, but our eyes are only looking for the outward, so it cannot reach the “inner”. The person who is wearing a black coat, we consider him a lawyer at first sight, even if he is illiterate, the person who is wearing a black coat, our impression is that he is a professor, even if he is a parrot fortune teller. Don’t be A woman who hides in a black burqa is considered by us to be a veiled Eastern woman, even if she is a notorious actress in the film world and has come wearing a black burqa to escape the public eye.

We know a person who is leaving the mosque as a worshiper, whether he steals something from the mosque or cuts someone’s pocket or steals someone’s shoe. We consider a person wearing a white coat and wearing a neck brace to be a doctor associated with the sacred profession, even if he collects money by injecting patients with water. In fact, the distance between the heavens and the earth stands between the known and the unknown, the outward and the inward, and the original and the copy.

That is why I submit that this world and this life is a deception of sight. The world is full of wonders with eye-catching accessories and wonders everywhere. This life is a deception of known, present, conjecture, and sight while real life is an unknown and invisible finite series, known life is short while unknown life is eternal. These are all realities in their own right, but we know the reality only of that which is visible, that which is out of sight, that which is hidden from sight, that those who believe in the visible and the present do not believe it, while the non-existent and the invisible.

Those who believe in universal realities accept them wholeheartedly. They may or may not have access to the inner self and the “essence” of life, but they firmly believe in it. It is this maturity of faith that paves the way for them to reach out and sometimes lifts the veil from their eyes. When the veil is removed from the eye, the eye can see the ugliness hidden behind make-up, make-up, and beauty, the abundance of sublime emotions, and the ugliness of deeds. We call the one whose eye has access to the inner self outwardly and is endowed with the ability to peek inside a person.

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Fans of the apparent keep an eye on the matter, while fans of the unknown keep an eye on the soul. The matter is a sign of instability of life because it has to die anyway, not to die today, while the soul is an invisible eternal thing that has neither death nor sleep. This is the command of the rabbi and the command of the rabbi is unknown to the common people

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